Childrens Parties


For a simply Magical Children’s & Teenagers party…

Children’s parties are perfect occasions for the Giggling Genie ‘magic mirror’ photo booth experience. The kids just can’t stop laughing! From birthdays to Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas, we can’t wait to make your big celebration even better!

Our unique Children’s & Teenagers party package includes:

On-screen cartoon characters or pop idols, leading the way through the fun

Two smiling Giggling Genie helpers to make sure the Teenagers& Children take the best possible interactive ‘magic mirror’ photographs and videos

Fun props and costume items to use in the pictures (and if your party has a theme, we’ll find you just the right props for the occasion)

Instant printed photographs for the children to take away and the chance to download the images from social media later

Digital overlays, uniquely customising photographs for the party

A USB stick jam-packed with all the great images

A ‘party album’ for the lucky Teenager or Child, filled with photographs and messages from friends and family

Most importantly, our Children’s & Teenagers party package guarantees an unforgettable ‘wow’ factor and a fun time for everyone. You’re about to be the proud owner of the most popular child in school!

No two parties are ever the same (nor should they be!), so we’ll work closely with you to tailor the package to meet your needs.

Let’s make that party complete, with great photographs and a fantastic Giggling Genie experience the Teenagers & children will remember for years to come.

Photo Booth Hire Parties

And if you want more than our Magic Mirror Photo Booth we can provide Candy Carts , Pop Corn Booths , disco or live band, just let us know – we’ll take care of that for you too!