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Classic Magic Mirror

Classic Magic Mirror Photo Booth

See what our Classic Magic Mirror can do for your Event...........

Classic Mirror For Weddings

Classic Mirror For Parties

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Selfie Classic Magic Mirror Photo Booth Brings Size, Elegance & Fun to your event......

The fun starts as soon as you stand in front of our stylish elegant Magic Mirror Photo Booth. The ‘wow’ factor is instant. You’re literally looking at so much more than a photo booth.

Follow the super designed animated instructions to set your different poses for our Magic Mirror. There are many ways for you and your guests to interact with the ‘magic mirror’, from touch screen technology to waving your arms in the air to video capture and personalised GIF’s.

The Mirror Photo Booth with its green screen technology can place you and your guests in New York, Paris or on a tropical beach, it will even talk to you …and measure the warmth of your wonderful smile.

We bespoke design your photograph to personalise the occasion you are celebrating that will be seen on the Magic Mirror by you and your guests

Sign your photos on-screen, add emoji’s and filters , your guest can MMS thgeir photo from the Mirror to their mobile phone and then take home the pictures, and memories, you’ll want to keep forever thanks to our fantastic Magic Mirror Photo Booth.