your wedding

Unique Entertainment for your wedding day

Magic Mirror entertains: Magic Carpet creates cinematic memories

Magic Mirror

Photo Booth Magic Mirror Attendent

2 Giggling Genie helpers to help guests enjoy the Magic Mirror

photo booth magic mirror props

We supply fabulous props for every occasion!

Magic Mirror Photo Booth, Unlimited Photos, Guest Book

Photos available instantly to take away or download later

Magic Carpet

Drone videography, drone pictures, wedding, event

Experience unique and grand perspectives of your chosen wedding location

Drone videography, drone pictures, wedding, event

Capture those emotional moments that are not possible to get from the ground

Drone videography, drone pictures, wedding, event

Capture the sprawling landscape or cityscape: contrasting intimacy and grand vista makes these shots spectacular

Giggling Genie wedding packages guarantee an unforgettable ‘wow’ factor and a fun night for everyone who encounter the Magic Mirror, while our Magic Carpet creates unique special memories which will live on forever through the stunning aerial photo and videography.

We know no two couples – and no two weddings – are ever the same, so we’ll work closely with you to tailor the package to meet your needs.

And if you want a disco or live band, just let us know – we’ll take care of that for you too!

Let’s make that perfect day complete, with great photographs and video you’ll treasure forever and a fantastic Giggling Genie experience you and your guests will never forget.

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