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Magic All Day Package


Magical All Day Video

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Our exclusive Magical All Day Wedding Package makes full use of the versatile, beautiful and technically brilliant mirror to wow your guests throughout the whole day. They’ll have plenty of fun in the evening creating some fun photographs while during the day the magic mirror will make use of its photography & video skills to snap portraits of your guests.


Our unique Magical All Day Wedding Package includes:


The Magic Mirror will wear a daytime frame and be beautifully dressed to fit in with your wedding theme

We’ll get some great portrait shots of your guests on arrival. Perfect pre-wedding breakfast entertainment

Each guest will be given a framed portrait shot to take away and we’ll keep a copy for your Wedding Photo Diary

We’ll also create video messages from your guests and package them up along with all the photos on a USB memory stick for you

For pre-wedding breakfast portraits and video messages- we’ll find the perfect backdrop to show off your venue- or provide a backdrop for you


The Magic Mirror ‘gets changed’ and moves to your reception room! A stunning LED light frame, welcoming red carpet and plenty of props!

Bespoke digital overlays will give your guests a fantastic fun memory of your wedding to take away- of course we’ll keep filling your Wedding Photo Diary and USB stick with all the evidence too!

The mirror will be in full interactive mode helping your guests take some fantastic fun shots making full use of the touch screen functions and allowing your guests to sign and write messages on their photos

Our extremely popular, full service, Magical All Day Wedding Package will provide the very best entertainment for your guests both getting the party started and providing you with some beautiful images.

Our package is completely bespoke. Talk to a Giggling Genie Helper to discuss tailoring the Magical All Day Wedding Package to your specific need so we can make your wedding wishes come true.

Magic All Day Mirror


Mirror Dressed with Flowers

Personalised Welcome Message Animations

Wedding Backdrop For Portrait Photos

Day Time Guest Book with Portrait Photos and Personal messages from Guests

Mounted Portrait Frames for your Guests to Remember Your Day

Magical All Day Mirror


Photo Booth Magic Mirror Attendent

2 Giggling Genie helpers to help guests enjoy the Magic Mirror

Photo booth Magic Mirror guest book

An Evening Reception Guest Book With Photos & Personal Messages

The Magic Mirror is Changed to Party Feel with LED Lighting

photo booth magic mirror props

We supply fabulous props for Your Wedding Party!

Custom Designs For Guests to Take Away From Your Wedding Evening