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Thank you once more for selecting Giggling Genie’s 360 photo booth for your very special day! We’ve curated a range of photo wedding template designs tailored specifically for your wedding day.

Once you’ve found the design that captures your heart, please take a moment to complete the email form located at the bottom of this page. We’re eagerly anticipating your selection!

Your Wedding Template Design Selections

Wedding Blue
Wedding Plum 02
Wedding White 01
Wedding White 04
Wedding Green
Wedding Purple
Wedding White 02
Wedding Pink & Gold
Wedding Rustic 01
Wedding White 03
Wedding Pink 01
Wedding Rustic 02
Wedding Winter 01
Wedding Pink 02
Wedding Rustic 03
Wedding Winter 02
Wedding Plum 01
Wedding Silver
Wedding Yellow

Bespoke Design Service

If you’re dreaming of a custom design and have a piece of artwork or a personalized wedding logo, we’re here to bring your vision to life. For a special touch to your day, we can craft this for you at a cost of £35. Please share your thoughts with us in the email form

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Bespoke Design
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